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Salt Showreel

FOX BS 238 - Channel Branding Proposal FOX BS 238 targets the urban Japanese female audience aged 20-49 with popular shows that set trends and entertain seamlessly. The challenge was to develop a graphics package to complement the image of the channel, woo the female TA and at the same time avoid alienating the male audience. To overcome this, we used the circular forms of the universe as a visual metaphor, which also hold significance in Japanese culture, to develop this proposal. A myriad of changing kaleidoscopic colors and elements were used to engage the audience in the web of entertainment which the channel offered.
Credits Team Salt, Sergio Saleh, Pablo Encabo, Evelyn Robayo Video Pictures

Dhamaal - Channel BrandingDhamaal is a regional GEC that caters to a primarily female urban audience which is quite traditional in their moral system. The challenge was to create a graphics package which appealed to Indians all over the world and brought forth a sense of pride and ownership. For this, we used metaphors derived from the circular patterns of Diwali crackers, rangolis and Rajasthani attires etc. which every Indian can easily connect to. Along with these, vibrant colours and feminine elements were employed to create a visual packaging unique to Dhamaal’s image.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Mastiii - Channel Branding An enjoyable pot-pourri of music and comedy, Mastiii targets every Indian who is in mood for some fun. The task was to create a packaging which went hand-in-hand with the channel image. In our channel packaging, we equated Mastiii with honeybees which make honey by arduously collecting nectar from various flowers – a procedure similar to Mastiii’s job of collecting tunes from different periods and genres creating various moods amongst its audiences leaving everyone delighted.
Credits Team Salt. We thank Karbon (Utkarsh, Neha) and Amit for being a part of the project. Video Pictures

Sony SIX - Channel Branding Proposal Coming up amongst a deluge of already-established sports channels, Sony Six wanted a never-before seen coverage of sports and insisted on something ‘different’. Being a sports channel targeting young and passionate sports lovers, we felt it needed a channel branding that complemented the action-filled brand image. In our proposal, we created channel package which used lava extensively as a visual metaphor symbolizing the passion and fire within the tension-filled world of action sports.
Credits Team Salt, Sergio Saleh, Pablo Encabo Video Pictures

Zee Action - Channel Branding Zee Action showcases the best and most sought after Bollywood action flicks. It required a channel packaging which placed it as the destination for high-octane action movies. Without complicating the message, we came up with a simple execution, truly highlighting ‘action’.
The creative idea was to highlight the typical perception of a Bollywood action channel by showcasing top-of-mind action elements like car chases, gun-shots etc. in the channel identity.
Credits Team Salt, Sergio Saleh, Pablo Encabo, Evelyn Robayo Video Pictures

Zee Business - Channel Branding Being one of the two channels offering business news in Hindi, Zee Business needed to re-establish itself strongly amongst the majority of Hindi-speaking audience. Using ‘Aapka Faayda’ as the concept, we aced the task at hand by signifying growth with the upward moving arrows. The ascending movement of these arrows keep up pace with rapidly changing market scenario and signify updates on latest insights and trends from the world of finance. Using glossy blue and yellow gold as the dominating colours, a dynamic and fresh identity was created for Zee Business.
CreditsTeam Salt, Lorena Ruiz Video Pictures

Zee Premiere - Channel Branding The challenge while working on Zee Premiere was to establish it as a channel which premieres the most-popular and enjoyed movies of Bollywood. To capture this essence of the channel, we used elements unique to a film premiere. By showing a film reel making its way to a premiere on a red carpet amidst the cheer, glamour, fanfare and a lot of popcorn, we highlighted the feel of a premiere show and created a fresh look for the channel.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Gandhi in us - Film/Commercial Decades ago, one man exhibited the power of non-violence by ending the long-standing colonial rule of the British Empire over India. Today, our country is plagued with problems of a different kind which yet again prompt a change in our society. With the recent happenings in our nation where a lot of youngsters are opting for the Gandhian way to deal with issues, we found it ideal to spread this message on Gandhi’s birthday in a manner that people could relate to.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Apollo Munich - Film/Commercial
A commercial we made for Apollo Munich Health insurance encouraging people to get insured and live life without any obstacles. CreditsTeam Salt

Video Pictures

BMW X3 - Film/Commercial The stunning BMW X3 needed a visual rendition to match its style and attitude. We created visual representation of everything that BMW X3 exudes and stands for.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Haryana Police - Film/Commercial India leads the world in the number of people killed in road accidents. Haryana Police wanted to send out a message encouraging citizens to be more proactive and helpful in case they witness an accident. We took that idea forward and visually summed it up using a palette dominated by red to grab attention.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Rajesh Pratap Singh - Film/Commercial Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh has a unique signature style that subtly draws from his Indian roots. We created a promo that encapsulates his craft - creating artisanal garments that stand apart due to their faultlessly clean lines, careful detailing and international silhouettes.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

IPL 2012 - Programme ID A teaser we made for the fifth edition of Indian Premier League, the biggest annual cricket extravaganza which attracts millions of viewers worldwide.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Smurfs - Programme ID Smurfs was coming to Sony PIX and the programme identity had to capture the fun and madness that was about to come face to face with the audience.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Zee Cine Awards 2012 - Programme ID When Zee Cine Awards wanted us to create a promo identity for their 2012 edition, we knew we had to make something special to augment the viewing experience of the world's biggest viewer choice awards.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

DISH HD - Promo Edit Dish TV was going HD and to welcome it, we edited a promo which showed the true audio-visual extent of high definition to wow the audiences.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

News 7 - Channel Branding Delving deep into a news story with razor-sharp reportage, dissecting each element of the story and presenting it with a high-degree of transparency and accuracy.
The unbiased reportage of the channel is represented by the transparent look of the package whereas the different layers in the graphics package represent the depths to which the channel goes to unearth the true story and present the abundant information in a visually non-distracting and precise way.
Credits Team Salt, Nicolas Ortiz, Javier Pelayo. Video Pictures

Mathrubhumi News - Channel Branding Mathrubhumi has always been the authority on credible and fair journalistic practices. The visual language for the channel needed to be more in sync with the news and inform the viewer in a useful and incisive manner. It deserved a visual identity that married inventive use of graphics to the channel’s legacy of ethical reporting of news.
Being fully aware of Mathrubhumi’s stature as a respectable news entity, certain innovations were developed to make the news more relevant and suited to the audience as well as carry forward the responsible image of the channel.
Credits Team Salt. We thank Amit for being a part of the project. Video Pictures

Star Movies Chinese - Seasonal Graphics Package
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

Food First (Sunita's Kitchen) - Promo Edit We worked on channel promos of different shows on Food First. A channel dedicated to exploring, cooking and tasting food from all over, promos were created for shows which were hosted by some of the best chefs in the world.
Credits Team Salt Video Pictures

BBC Entertainment - Festive ID ProposalBBC Entertainment was looking for an identity with the theme being India’s festival of lights, Diwali. For this, they were wary of having any clichéd visual elements and wanted to represent the festival in very modern and contemporary manner. Our concept, the birth of Diwali, highlighted the values that Diwali is about. It abstractly showed the origin of light and its gradual spread, touching lives and transforming them for the better. Credits Team Salt, Nicholas Ortiz

Nat Geo Wild2- Channel Branding A series of IDs we created for Nat Geo Wild marking the arrival of spring. Credits Direction:Mauro Zinni / Sifon
Art Direction: Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
Design & Sketches: Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
2D Animation: Javier Pelayo / Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
Sound Design: Sifon
Year: 2008 Video Pictures

Nat Geo Wild3 Special Spring ID's - Channel Branding A series of IDs we created for Nat Geo Wild marking the arrival of spring. Credits Direction:Mauro Zinni / Sifon
Art Direction: Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
Design & Sketches: Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
2D Animation: Javier Pelayo / Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
Sound Design: Sifon
Year: 2008 Video Pictures

Nat Geo Wild1 Special Spring ID's - Channel Branding A series of IDs we created for Nat Geo Wild marking the arrival of spring. Credits Direction:Mauro Zinni / Sifon
Art Direction: Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
Design & Sketches: Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
2D Animation: Javier Pelayo / Nicolas Ortiz / Jose Cambariere
Sound Design: Sifon
Year: 2008 Video Pictures

Nat Geo L'Ultimo Segreto Leonardo - Programme ID Video Pictures

FOX Retro Pinball Special Birthday's - Programme ID Credits Direction for FOX: Juan Pablo Kessler
Art Direction for FOX: Juan Pablo Kessler / Santiago Wardak
Direction for Fantasma & Plenty: Javier Pelayo / Mariano Farias
Sketches & Storyboards: Santiago Wardak / Javier Pelayo / Mariano Farias
3D Modeling & Animation: Javier Pelayo / Mariano Farias / Leonardo Garcia Franchi / Hernan Estevez / Sebastian Livingston
Postproduction: Javier Pelayo / Mariano Farias / Leonardo Garcia Franchi / Hernan Estevez / Sebastian Livingston
Animation: Javier Pelayo / Mariano Farias / Leonardo Garcia Franchi / Hernan Estevez
Sound Design: Santiago Lasarte (DeSant)
Thanks to: All the Italian and Argentinian team.
Year: 2010 Video Pictures

Fox International Italy Sex Education - Show Branding Credits Client: Fox International Channels Italy
Direction: Juan Pablo Kessler
Art Direction: Javier Pelayo / Nicolas Ortiz
Coordination: Javier Pelayo / Alessandra Nicolosi
Sketches & Storyboards: Javier Pelayo / Nicolas Ortiz
3D Modelling: Jose Cambariere / Andres Snitcofski
3D Animation: Jose Cambariere / Andres Snitcofski
Compositing: Javier Pelayo / Nicolas Ortiz / Andres Snitcofski
2D Animation: Javier Pelayo
Film-making: FOX Team
Editing: Ignacio Casciotta for FOX
Chroma: Lautaro Azcuy
Postproduction: Javier Pelayo / Nicolas Ortiz
Sound Design: FOX
Year: 2011 Video Pictures

Fino All 'Ultimo Round – Open title for FX Channel's Serie - Show Branding Credits Client: Fox International Channels Italy
Direction: Juan Pablo Kessler
Art Direction: Juan Pablo Kessler / Julieta Rocco / Javier Pelayo
Coordination for Fox: Julieta Rocco
Sketches & Storyboards: Javier Pelayo / Julieta Rocco
3D Modelling & Animation: Javier Pelayo / Matias Fernandez
2D Animation & Compositing: Javier Pelayo
Video Edition: Ignacio Casciotta (Fox)
Postproduction: Javier Pelayo
Sound Design: Fox
Year: 2010 Video Pictures

American Horror Story - Show Branding American Horror Story is an anthology horror-drama television series broadcast on cable television channel FX in the United States. This major international release of our friends at Fox International Channels called for a promo pack full of mystery and decadence. Credits: Fox International Channels VP´s: Florencia Picco, Alexandra Marinescu, Rafael Sandor
Creative Director: Mariano Barreiro
Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Assistant Producer: Evelyn Robayo
Design and Animation: Sifon DG
Sound Design: Marcela Turjanski
Off Air Campaign: DobleG Video Pictures

Il Mostro Di Firenze – Open titles sequence - Film Branding Credits Direction for FOX: Juan Pablo Kessler
Art Direction for FOX:Juan Pablo Kessler / Julieta Rocco / Santiago Wardak
Direction for Fantasma: Javier Pelayo
Original Screenplay: Javier Pelayo / Mariano Farias
Sketches & Storyboards: Javier Pelayo / Mariano Farias
Photography for Sketches: Magali Flaks (photo) / Cecilia Vitkauskas (actress)
Original Video Edition: Ignacio Casciotta (FOX)
Postproduction: Javier Pelayo / Julieta Rocco
Video Production for Fantasma: Julieta Rocco
Video Development for Fantasma: Javier Pelayo / Julieta Rocco
Animation: Javier Pelayo / Hernan Estevez
Sound Design: FOX (Giocco di bimba Adaptation)
Thanks to all the Italian and Argentinian team.
Year: 2009 Video Pictures

Ancient Secrets - Channel Branding We developed the program packaging and promo toolkit for National Geographic Channel International’s 'Ancient Secrets'. National Geographic Channel explores the ancient secrets behind the world’s most enduring – and infamous – structures, legends and icons. Unearthing historical evidence and revelatory new theories, the series features expert testimony and dramatic recreations to separate truth from myth while also painting a picture of the ancient lives that brought each of these fabled items into being. Credits NatGeo & Fox International VP´s: Florencia Picco, Rafael Sandor
NatGeo Creative Director: Emanuele Madeddu, Mariano Barreiro
NatGeo Creative & Marketing Manager: Megan Gilbert
NatGeo Art Director: Natalia Español
NatGeo Branding Coordinator: Maricruz Castillo Merlo
Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Design and Animation: Sifon DG, Ariel Cabrera, Paula Vidal
Sound Design: Emilio Haro, Pablo Paz Video Pictures

Star Chinese - Channel Branding The existing content of Star Chinese was diverse and it deserved a visual treatment which could capture the throbbing pulse of the channel. Having closely followed the channel’s offering, our core thought became - ‘Fun never stops at Star Chinese’. While thinking of taking it forward, we hit upon the idea of Pixels. Colourful Pixels together weave the visuals in TV and we decided to use them as a visual metaphor and marry it with the core thought. We gave the endless pixels vibrant candy-like colours and created a world of them where they interacted with each other. Each element of our graphics package was carefully devised to guarantee a more pleasurable and engaging viewing experience. This made for a lively identity which complemented the fun-filled content of the channel. Video Pictures

Zee Russia - Channel Branding Catering to a primarily female audience, Zee Russia wanted an identity which could fuse beauty & elegance with the colorful brilliance of the Indian culture and result in an enhanced viewing-experience.
Draped in pristine and feminine colors, the visual metaphor of a peacock-feather is used to bring forth the grandiosity of the brand to its audiences. Indian and vibrant in its overtures, this stylized representation of the peacock feather reaches out to its audience because of its grace and inherent beauty. Video Pictures


A brand communications and creative services studio, Salt brings together the right professionals who understand the business of broadcast branding and work to provide the right solutions to broadcasters and media houses who wish to stand apart.


Mahendra Pandey

With over 30 years of experience in the field of finance, Mr. Pandey brings a mature outlook and solid finance outlook to the studio. Mr. Pandey has founded and operated many enterprises in areas as diverse as stock broking and manufacturing.

Vishal Gautam

A post graduate in marketing management. Has worked in the arena of Advertising Sales and Credit Management Solutions for over 18 years. Has worked across mediums (TV, Print, digital & Online) with reputed companies like NDTV Media, Etimes, Nimbus, GroupM, Broadcast Worldwide, Conde Nast India, Ebus & MSN.co.in.

Kingsley Fernandes

As Art Director and Designer Kingsley worked extensively with the SEO and Marketing departments to conceive and create projects ranging from the site wide re-design of DriversEd.com and the Associate Centre, Ad campaigns to iPhone Apps. Concurrently he as worked with a number of individuals and companies resulting in a long diverse list of freelance projects. In 2011 Kingsley returned to the Academy of Art University to pursue a MFA in Writing and Directing for Film and Television. After 2 semesters he as taken a break from his MFA to write scripts and pursue other endeavors in Mumbai.

Raju Santhanam

A seasoned journalist and media person with close to 30 years of experience, Raju has had stints with Zee News, Indian Express and also served as the Editor of Delhi edition of The Statesman.

Anckur Bhatia

Marketing Manager Middle East. Manage and Implement go to market plan for Middle East, define and validating the local objectives in alignment with local respective business targets. Experiences include International Trade, Finance, Business Development, with expertise in Structured Financial Instruments and acquisitions. Marketing Advisor attitude, comfortable with proposing innovative ideas and able with driving marketing execution in first person for an initial period. Local Middle East Market Knowledge. He can be contacted on +971 50 8102256

Anish Sapra

Anish Sapra oversees SALT Studio’s Business Development & Marketing Strategies in the Middle East. He focuses on building relationships with clients, as well as Media Agencies’. Anish brings a decade of diverse experience in Banking, Media & Entertainment and E-commerce Industry, with focused expertise in Digital Business Strategy & Marketing solutions.

Ashish Chatterjee

Ashish Chatterjee went to the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics and started is carrier as a animator, after dabbling in various media positions, until he found his true calling Graphic Design and Direction of Ad Films. He joined SALT studios in 2013 and has been innovating ever since.


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